”Emile was fantastic to work with! He was very patient with the band and offered insightful feedback on how to enhance the sound of our record. In addition to his technical knowledge, being in his calm and peaceful presence set the perfect mood, making us feel comfortable and focused on achieving our best performance. Definetely looking forward to working with him again in the future.”

- Victor from Astral Jubilee

”Emile is a one-of-a-kind engineer. He listens intensely to the music and helps provide a great atmosphere to capture your best performance. whether you're creating a song, EP or album, I would highly recommend him if you are looking to elevate your sound and music”

- Justin Campbell aka J Cam

Working with Emile led us to realize that going into the recording studio is just as important a process as songwriting. To capture the sound, the emotion, and nuances in a performance is hard work but through his attention to detail in mic placement and mic choices, as well as the comfortable atmosphere he created, we were able to relax, give ourselves to the process and ultimately capture the sound we desired. We’ve recorded two full-length records with Emile now and as such have built a musical relationship where we trust his input, his advice, and technical expertise; it would be hard to trust anyone else with recording the music we create.

- Bryan Diaz from El Rio

In July of 2021, in the wake of the pandemic, people were reluctant to come out to see live music, so my band and I decided to do small shows and stream them online. But we had no clue how that worked. We hired a videographer who knew a little bit about streaming, and we hired Emile to handle all of our sound reinforcement needs. This meant getting good sound to our live audience (front of house), and into our stage monitors. But also to send a good mix to the streaming guy to go out over the internet. Three subtly different mixes. These shows had lots of moving parts. All of us were somewhat outside of our comfort zones. But Emile was always calm and patient and a joy to work with. More than once, he quickly solved a problem that threatened to derail the whole event. And most importantly everything always sounded great. I recommend him highly

- Dave Morrison